Graceful - healing is a massage therapy, and bodywork site. Offering holistic approaches to body issues. From daily stress, anxiety, and relaxation; to chronic pain issues, or training and maintaining for various lifestyles, I believe massage therapy, and body work can benefit you greatly.

After working in a spa for years, I was told continually that my hands can heal.  With much encouragement I started Massage Therapy School, at Cortiva institute Wall Township, New Jersey. Within weeks my passion for helping people feel good went from superficial to the heart. Wellness is absolutely a combination of the body, mind, and soul. I take great joy in helping my clients body become what they want it to be. Although I am certified in various types of Massage, I specialize in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Clinical Massage. Take comfort in knowing that I will develop a massage plan that is best for you based on your needs, desires, well being each time.

What graceful-healing offers.


All sessions use BellusFresh Skin Care products - Deep Oil- Calm Oil-Sensitive Oil-

Fresh Hand Foot and Body butters.

Facial serums, and salty or sweet scrubs.

Deep Tissue- Deep tissue massage will ensure all layers of muscles are worked and treated, with relaxing the muscles fully, and using increased pressure to each clients comfort level. Yes this often means deep pressure, but more importantly Deep will ensure all layers of muscles are being worked .

 Therapeutic approach -

Using a ongoing treatment plan; set out to work towards alleviating specific and ongoing issues. This approach will include ice, heat, range of motions tests, stretching and massage on specific areas of the body. Changing as the needs change and improve.

Myofascial Release Therapy - Clients seek myofascial release after losing flexibility, function, or range of motion. After injury or experiencing ongoing, persist ant pain in any area containing soft tissue. We will work only on areas being treated , or areas affected by for the total length of the massage. Requires ongoing massage for lasting relief.

Focus massage, allows the client to have only the areas or area of choice worked on for duration of time.

Sports massage , focuses on stretching, increasing range of motion , and lengthening of muscles for optimal use. Athletes have discovered that specially designed sports massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance. Any client who is active and requires muscle health for activity can benefit from this.

Swedish massage- this massage will be relaxation focused. With light-deep touch based on preference. Blood flow, and circulation increases, along with looser longer muscles. Clients who prefer a full body massage without too much focus on one area will enjoy this.

Aromatherapy , is the addition of essential oils to the massage . Promoting beneficial changes to the to the body and the mind; by affecting the limbic system. A region in the brain known to affect the nervous system.

Pre-Natal, During a pre-natal massage the client lays in a sideline position, to keep mom and baby safe and comfortable. With study and working knowledge of the human body areas that would put mom and baby at risk will be avoided. While concentrating on areas known to cause aches and pains, along with reducing stress, and increasing flexibility and range of motion; to keep the pregnant body moving comfortably. With doctors permission and each clients history considered massage can benefit and improve wellness throughout pregnancy.

Reflexology- A reflex is a specific area that when worked, produces a change in the body. The reflexes in the hands, feet, and ears are linked to the whole body. These reflex points correspond to the organs and systems of the body. Pressure applies to these points during a reflex focused massage benefits the clients health and overall well being.


Chair massage is offered at events, workplace, ect. Please reach out. Pricing will depend on location, requested time frame, and amount of clients. Starting at $75.00 an hour.

Chair Massage for Volunteer available.

These prices reflect taxes.

One 60 minute session. $90.00

One 90 minute $125.00

One 2 hour session $ 160.00

Loyalty packages, and rewards available.

Discounted rates for packages, rewards, and referrals.

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